30 Days to Becoming a Vivaldi Lover

What’s Going On?

TLDR Version

I’ll be sharing my love of and a huge range of tips and tricks for the Vivaldi Browser in a series of posts over 30 days in August and September 2021.

There will be an atomic essay every day on Twitter and a longer version with many more details right here on my blog.

The Details

Since my first Ship 30 For 30 experience was both enjoyable and successful why is it time to change everything?

Constraints Are Great

All the constraints are actually a great set of guiding principles in place to help you reach the goal of not only writing for 30 days but publishing for 30 days too.

However, mastery means knowing enough to know when the constraints need to be changed or even ignored!

Atomic essays are great but given what I do, which is create video courses, YouTube content and illustrated technical manuals and guides, the text only format is a little limiting.

What If the Constraints are too … Constraining?

I spent the off cruise time considering my options and came up with a plan!

The essay that got the most traction last time was dedicated to why I use the Vivaldi browser and how much it has improved my productivity when online.

I have a long history with browsers and I’ve tried them all … many of them at the same time for different purposes. I have had primary browsers, secondary browsers, site specific browsers and more.

Vivaldi is the only one that has ever been my only browser.

Break The Rules

So I plan to share 30 atomic essays each showcasing one of the reasons Vivaldi is where it’s at for productive browsing and how to customize it to suit the particular way you work.

And the rule breaking?

I intend to write a longer version with screen shots and additional information that wouldn’t belong in an atomic essay.

The Challenge?

The challenge will be ensuring the atomic essay makes sense without the images and additional information … wish me luck!

The Plan

The plan is to share not only my love of the Vivaldi Browser but also some practical tips, tricks and powerful configuration options for it over the next 30 days.

There will be an atomic essay every day on Twitter and a longer version with many more details right here on my blog.

Follow Along …

… from the comfort of your armchair!

I’ll post both the atomic essay and the longer more detailed blog post every day during the 30 days

Thanks for reading … watch out for updates soon!

How Can You Help?

I’m glad you asked!

Seriously, any cheerleading you can provide would be most welcome as would Likes and Retweets on Twitter.