Want to know more about the attendees at your virtual sessions? It’s not just a matter of being nosey! The more you know the better you can tailor your content to their environments.

What is PODZilla?


PODZilla is an add-in for the Adobe Connect web conferencing platform from Refined Data Solutions.

It’s purpose is to provide hosts and presenters with a complete range of information regarding the attendees to aid their smooth facilitation of the event.

So what information can PODZilla provide you with about your attendees?

1. Attendee’s Role


There are three roles for attendees in an Adobe Connect session:

  • Host
  • Presenter
  • Participant

Note: Hosts and Presenters are the only roles that can view the information in PODZilla.

The first piece of information PODZilla will provide you with is the current role of each attendee:

2. Attendee’s Viewing Method


Adobe Connect sessions can be viewed using either a browser or the Connect add-in. The Connect add-in is only actually a strict requirement for using more advanced features including screen sharing.

The Addin/Browser column tells you what method your attendees have used to access the current session.

Here, the presenter is using the Connect Add-in while the other attendees are all using Safari

3. Attendee’s Operating System


The Operating System column provides precise details of the operating system used to access the session by each attendee. A fantastic way to be able to troubleshoot known issues with certain versions of the operating system without troubling the user to go and find the information.

4. Attendee’s Default Webcam


Adobe Connect has the ability for all attendees to broadcast video using their webcam, if they have one. The Webcam column indicates what, if any, webcam each participant has available for use.

5. Attendee’s Default Microphone


As with video Adobe, Connect has the ability for all attendees to broadcast audio using their system microphone. The Mic column indicates what, if any, microphone each participant has available for use.

6. Attendee’s Screen Resolution


Knowing the screen resolution used by each attendee is particularly useful when planning what resolution you will use yourself for screen sharing sessions both in the current session and for spotting trends for future sessions.

7. Attendee’s Connect Port Status


Connect Port Status provides information as to whether the attendees would be able to use additional services such as Talking Stick from Refined Data. Knowing this will mean you are able to make a decision as to whether sufficient members of the audience are able to access the proposed content as to make it wise to use it.

Take Away

PODZilla is a fantastic add-in for Adobe Connect that gives you the edge when it comes to managing your online sessions. A quick glance at it’s control panel can provide as much information about an attendee’s configuration as a 10 minute support chat.

Definitely one for the Essential Toolkit for Presenting Online!

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