Affinity Designer Training Box Set Binge Watch

by | 25 Nov 2019 | Blog30

I’ve used Affinity Designer since it was released as a beta product back in early 2014. The initial public release was on 1 October 2014 and the rest they say is history!

If you’re anything like me you will love the Affinity Suite of applications from Serif. They are a joy to use, come at a reason cost without the need of a subscription and work flawlessly across platforms and devices.

I’ve also created hours of training for both the desktop and iPad versions of Affinity Designer. If you fancy learning how to take advantage of all the fantastic options in Affinity Designer check out the following videos completely free!

Affinity Designer for Mac

Affinity Designer for Mac 101

Affinity Designer for Mac 102

Working with Colour in Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer for iPad

Affinity Designer for iPad Full Tutorial

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