Affinity Publisher Beta is here!

To celebrate the launch this live session will cover everything you need to know to get the very best out of this amazing new Affinity app from Serif. You’ll see just what Affinity Publisher can do for your desktop publishing needs.

There’ll be a ton of topics covered including:

  • The interface – including secret options to increase your creative productivity
  • File Management
  • Personas
  • Affinity Publisher’s extensive range of tools
  • How to work with Pages and Spreads
  • How to create and manage Master Pages and Master Spreads
  • Working with Text
  • Styles
  • Table of Contents and Indexes
  • Impressing with Images
  • Getting creative with Tables
  • Exporting your completed artwork
  • and much, much more!

Join the session live on 6 September 2018 at 19:45 UK time (11:45 PT/14:45 ET) for a rundown of all you can do with Affinity Publisher.

You can watch the live session on YouTube or right here at this page, the video will live stream below as soon as it starts on 6 September.

Summer School

This session is part of the Summer School 2018 which is a whole range of Mac and iOS related tips, tricks and live streaming sessions.

Hope you can join in for some fun filled sessions.