Evernote managed to freak out a good share of it’s users today when they instigated a global password reset … with no warning!

The reason given was a breach of Evernote’s security, you can read the details on the Evernote blog.

Whether it is good policy to do this or not was secondary to the many thousands of users affected by the decision whose first thought was along the lines of “What if I lost access to all my Evernote data?”

Well I backup all my Evernote data every day to offline storage so in the event of a complete meltdown I’m only ever one day behind in my backups. It’s actually pretty easy to do and here’s how:

Navigate to the "All Notes" View


Navigate to the All Notes view by selecting View > Show All Notes from the menu or use the Shift & Command & A shortcut key.

The "All Notes" View


Ensuring you are in "All Notes" view (1) select all the notes:

  • Via the Edit > Select All menu or
  • The Command & A shortcut key (Control & A on Windows)

Selected notes have a blue border per (2)

A summary view is displayed of all the notes selected. This is shown in the notes pane too (3)

Export the Notes


Select File > Export Notes… from the menu

Export Selected Notes


Specify a file name and location in the Save As dialog box

Click Save

Export Complete


The Export process is very fast and once the export is complete a dialog box will be displayed to inform you the task is finished.

The ENEX File


The exported notes are contained in an ENEX file that can be imported back into Evernote or other applictions that support the ENEX format such as JustNotes



I use JustNotes to test the integrity of my ENEX files.

It’s a simple matter of selecting FIle > Import from the JustNotes menu and importing the ENEX file. That way I can be certain in the event Evernote fails I can still read my notes.