Change colours in Affinity Publisher FAST! Perfect for planners and more …


Whether it’s hundreds of planner pages or an intricate colour heavy design design you’ll learn how to recolour in seconds

🧰 Resources

🎨 What You’ll Learn

  • Learn 3 techniques to change colours across your entire Affinity Publisher file instantly
  • Didn’t plan ahead? No problem!
  • Dive into our 4-part guide:
    • 🖌️ Part 1: Unleash the Power of Global Colours
    • 📚 Part 2: Make Magic with Master Pages
    • 😱 Part 3: Solutions for “It’s Too Late” Moments
    • 🧠 Part 4: Future Proofing … easily!

🔥 What’s Inside?

  • A step-by-step walkthrough for creating and applying Global Colours
  • Master the art of using Master Pages for more than just colour changes
  • Real-life examples with a planner design
  • Tips on making late-stage changes without a hitch
  • Bonus Content: Smart strategies for long-term flexibility in design

🔗 Additional Videos

🧩 Data Merge and Planner Page Series

👉 Ready to take your design skills to new heights? Click play and let’s make colour changes in Affinity Publisher a breeze together!