If you’re anything like me of the annoyances of OS X is having to reconnect to any shares I was to use after a reboot but great news – there is a way you don’t have to!

System Preferences


Open the System Preferences dialog box and select the Users and Groups option in the System section.

Users & Groups


In the Users & Groups section fo the System Preferences click Login Items.

Login Items


A list of the items that run at login is displayed (1)

Click the lock icon in the lower left of the dialog to allow you to make changes to the login items (2)

Unlocking Users and Groups Preferences


If prompted enter you username and password for the account you are using on your Mac.

Users & Groups Unlocked


The lock icon unlocks per (1)



Open a Finder window.

Your Computer


Navigate to your Compter in the Finder sidebar and all the attached devices are displayed in the Finder window.

Connecting to AirPort Extreme


Click on the device hosting the share you wish to connect to. In this example the AirPort Extreme called AirPort Extreme 01 (1)

If you are not connected as indicated on the left of the Finder window (2) click the Connect As… button on the right (3)

Enter Password


Enter your password for the share and click connect.

Viewing Shares on AirPort Extreme


Once connected to the share you will see a list of available sharepoints in the Finder.

Content on Shared Volume


Double click the required sharepoint and a list of the contents of that sharepoint is displayed in the Finder window.

Listing the Shares


Click back on the icon representing your computer in the sidebar and you should see the sharepoint you connected to listed in the list of available volumes.

Drag Volume to Login Items


Position the Finder window and the Users & Groups dialog box so you can drag the sharepoint to the Login Items list.

Drag the required sharepoint (1) to the Login Items list (2)

New Login Item Added


Your sharepoint is added to the login items and will be automatically mounted on subsequent reboots.