Do You Love to Learn?

by | 8 Nov 2019 | Blog30, Working Out Loud

I’m an educator, a trainer, a learning facilitator or whatever is the in vogue term right now for someone who shares their knowledge with those who want to learn something.

I’m extremely lucky to love what I do. For me it’s all about life long learning. As learning professionals we preach it, we evangelise it, in fact our jobs depend on it!

So what’s the last thing I expected to hear from someone working in the learning world? How about hearing them complain how hard it is for them to learn something new!

Seriously, there’s nothing worse than seeing someone whose job involves encouraging others to embrace learning, new technologies and new processes bemoaning how hard it is to learn something new.

When their job is to help others learn things that are new to them you’d think they would have some empathy with difficulties involved but also a steely determination to overcome them in a positive way.

I was tempted to scream “It’s your job”. Thankfully, I managed to restrain myself!

Personally, I love to learn. I refine, re-engineer and finesse every process on a continuing basis. Yes, that involves learning, unlearning and re-learning. That’s what life long learning is all about. If you work in any kind of training/L&D/facilitation role (or whatever is trendy to call it this week) … Get over yourself and get used to it!

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