Elaine’s 2,000 km Challenge – Day 15 Update

by | 5 Feb 2017 | ASRF4050

The day started with the morning after the rather late night before. I think dancing until 1am took its toll, in a VERY big way. I awoke to vague recollections of a rather alarming suggestion.

As I regained consciousness I realized it wasn’t all a hideous dream and in a moment of complete and utter insanity I think I agreed to it! At least I have no recollection of doing the sensible thing and running away screaming anyway.

Project Snowdon

Yes, as if the great 2,000 km biking challenge of 2017 wasn’t enough madness. Brace yourselves … I was challenged to climb a mountain next year. I know! As if my life could get any more hectic right now!

To fight off the image of 12 months of intense mountain climbing training and endless episodes of “Blister Watch” I took to the restaurant and enjoyed a hearty breakfast.

There were so many options for activities during the day I was spoilt for choice but my preferred options were two outdoor sessions of archery and rifle shooting.

The best laid plans of having a clear 3 hours for a leisurely 40 km biking before the sessions were wiped out with news that the afternoon archery sessions were booked solid. Luckily, there was a morning session available but that left my agenda looking like this:

10:00 – Biking

11:00 – Archery

12:00 – Biking

13:00 – Rifle shooting

14:00 – Computer support session (AKA fighting iCloud’s insistence on having its own way)

15:00 – Biking

16:00 – Pass out cold from complete exhaustion!

17:00 – Get ready for dinner and the evening’s entertainment

18:00 – Get the party started!

Nothing like a lovely relaxing weekend away is there? I’m beginning to think I don’t know the meaning of that word 😉

Now, you could be forgiven for wondering how I was going to complete my daily 40 km away from all the comforts of home and my own gear. The answer to that is simple; I took it with me! Yes, in addition to all my biking attire I managed to smuggle a static bike into the hotel. Needs must as they say 😀

The first biking session of the day went well and with only minutes to spare I virtually ran the mile to the archery centre. I did apologise to all in our party for the fact that I looked like I’d run a half marathon. Since they were all aware of my challenge they were most accommodating with my flushed face and training attire. While they were in multiple layers of thermally insulated finery and sturdy outdoor boots I was in a short sleeved t-shirt and sandals. This biking is a warm business you know!

The archery was fantastic, I loved it. I noticed as we headed out there were war-weary cows in a distant field looking most perturbed for their safety as we all trouped up to the range. They looked like they’d seen it all before and swiftly retreated to an even further field taking cover as the arrows flew.

I’d have been pleased to get an arrow in the target at all but I surprised myself by managing to hit the bulls eye, albeit only once. When we’d done I was top lady, overall runner up, and ready to book another weekend to have another go.

I ran back to the room for another 20 km biking before making the return journey to the outdoor centre for the rifle shooting an hour later. First impression? Boy those targets are small!

Winner's Certificate

It didn’t take long before we got the hang of it though and after a few practice shots we entered competition mode. Much to my surprise and delight I came away with a winner’s certificate!

With only a few km left to complete I was able to take some time to help friends with their computer issues. In other words, an hour’s scrap with iCloud persuading it to do what it was currently refusing point blank to do. I think the correct term is a busman’s holiday, but I love beating tech in to submission LOL

The evening was a complete joy, spent with friends, enjoying a Whitney Houston tribute concert and dancing until the small hours of the morning.

600 km done, 1400 km to go.

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