Elaine’s 2,000 km Challenge – Day 22 Update

by | 12 Feb 2017 | ASRF4050

With the single exception of tech toys I'm not keen on any kind of shopping but the absolutely worst kind of shopping is shoe shopping. Hence, The Lowry Outlet Mall is a very scary place for me to venture into since it's wall to wall shoe shops! They seem to act as some kind of magnet to those who, I assume, are otherwise normal women! The trouble is get them within sight of a shoe shop and it's shoe-zilla mode; glassy eyed, on a mission, hyper focused stares, lusting after shoes so high they should come with a health warning!

Scary Shoe Shops

Luckily I managed to visit only one card shop and since they had nothing appropriate I left with my purse intact.

Our next stop was Manchester United for the match day Munich memorial. That was when I got the idiotic idea of … wait for it … walking to Old Trafford! I won't say Mike didn't think it was a good idea but he almost dragged me bodily back to the car. I let sanity prevail for a few seconds and followed him before declaring it could be done and off we headed. Mike assured me once we were on the bridge crossing North Bay that you could see Old Trafford from there. He didn't mention needing a very long lens and a magnifying glass LOL Can you spot Od Trafford in this photo? I added a little assistance in case you struggle … like I did!

Old Trafford ... in the distance!

Once again the memorial was very well attended. Here's the video of the entire occasion:

Now having made the trip from The Lowry to Old Trafford I “only” had the return journey to face now before we could return to the car and head home. I spent a good proportion of the return journey contemplating whether the detritus strewn along the waterside walkway was modern art or discarded rubbish. It seriously could have been either!

Modern Art?

Modern Art?

We celebrated the walk back to The Lowry with a black tea at The Harvester. If you’re wondering why black tea, we’re currently dairy free so no milk allowed. Now we’re six months into our current regime I’m used to it and I don’t think I’d go back to actually having milk again.

Needless to say all this excitement meant another late start to today’s 40 km and given that I was already aching from the hike I wasn’t looking forward to it. However, once on the bike I was just grateful to be sat down! That was of course before the pedalling became like wading through fast setting treacle.

I just about managed to watch the highlights of the match on Match of the Day before pegging.

Since it’s my Eucharistic duty day tomorrow I figured a relatively early night was called for. I don’t want my first duty day since the Eucharistic Minister training day to be an unmitigated disaster do I now!

880 km done, 1120 km to go.

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