Elaine’s 2,000 km Challenge – Day 23 Update

by | 13 Feb 2017 | ASRF4050

Eucharistic duty completed without incident! Despite horror stories of all kinds of disaster from our recent training day fresh in my mind. It was a close thing though …

As I approached the front pew my eyes alighted on a rubber ball in the middle of the aisle on the way to the altar steps. Doubtless this was left behind by one of the children on their way to “Little Church” but as I waited to be joined by others on duty today it brought not only a wry smile but also images of flying chalices and broken legs. I managed to collect it on my way past and deposited it on a pew at the side of the altar before disaster struck. So if you were there and wondering what on earth I was doing, now you know!

Our stop for tea and coffee in the Parish Centre was the usual riot of hilarity (you know who you are!) but then the horror of our weekly Sunday shopping trip loomed.

Luckily the continuing shortage of all things green and our recent acquisition of six courgettes (zucchini) from Ninja Nina the Demon Shopper meant it was a short affair this week. This was just as well as after yesterday’s exertions my lower extremities were in dire need of a rest and with today’s 40 km looming this was looking less likely than I would have preferred.

Real Fruit!

We did manage to secure copious amounts of fruit though. You can’t beat a fresh fruit salad. No, not one of those bowls of fruit coloured mush smothered in sugar saturated orange or apple juice but rather a real fresh fruit salad with genuine fruit! A concept struggled with every time I venture out to any kind of eatery it seems!

I also managed to squeeze all today’s 40 km in between the escape from shopping and the return church visit at 5pm though. While that was an achievement in itself it did mean I fell into bed exhausted before midnight. For this night owl that’s unheard of!

920 km done, 1080 km to go.

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