Elaine’s 2,000 km Challenge – Day 25 Update

by | 15 Feb 2017 | ASRF4050

It’s a a big day today … I’m half way there!

The power of an early start was at play again. I started even earlier and was all done by 11am. Before you think madness had struck there was a reason for this. I had a lunch with friends planned and needed to leave at 11:45.

Talking of lunch it proved to be a bit of an adventure! It looked beautiful but given my current regime there was no way I could eat all of it:

  • Mash potato – discarded (carb free)
  • Lightest puff pastry topping to a bowl of streak and kidney pie – discarded the pastry (wheat/gluten free)
  • Apple crumble – are you kidding? Discarded (wheat/gluten free and sugar free)
  • Fruit salad alternative … let’s not go there! Seriously, this was one of those “something formerly known as fruit” swimming in a bowl of sugar soaked juice affairs. My request for a simple banana was met with uncomprehending grimaces.

My request for black tea was more successful so as we settled down to listen to the post-repast talk I sneaked my tea-straw out of my bag to partake. Tea-straw I hear you say! Yes, I carry a somewhat industrial looking straw with me at all times should we decide to partake of any libation other than water. You don’t think I’m letting anything other than water near these teeth do you? 😉

Dinner was somewhat of an adventure too given I had to find something to do with asparagus and courgettes (zucchini) that would be deemed edible. I settled for cooking both al’dente with a pure butter sauce and served with poached eggs.

1000 km done, 1000 km to go.

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