Elaine’s 2,000 km Challenge – Day 29 Update

by | 19 Feb 2017 | ASRF4050

After yesterday’s 24 hour stand I somehow managed another 12 hour stand by 11am! While that looks incredibly impressive just don’t ask how the sleep monitoring is going! (Hint: it’s not!)

I did manage to sleep for a short while before being unceremoniously awoken to news that the shed roof was lying peacefully in the garden. For crying out loud it was the conservatory roof we were worried enough about to do something with. After a circumspect investigation I declared this to be a job requiring a ladder … not to mention glue, roofing nails and the feet of a goat to get up there!

All that was beginning to sound like a shopping trip was in order. Worse than just a shopping trip though … a DIY shopping trip. I decided today’s 40 km was a preferable option and jumped on my bike!

Bare Fridge


In other even more desperate news we have run out of food! Easily done when there’s a shortage of virtually everything that is on the meagre list of stuff you can eat. Seriously though the fridge is bare, save for a rather sad looking courgette (zucchini), a red pepper and a handful of carrot sticks!

In true Gone with the Wind style I declared “tomorrow is another day” and headed off to bed early … with the shed roof spending the night in the safety of the conservatory.

1160 km done, 840 km to go.

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