Elaine’s 2,000 km Challenge – Day 3 Update

by | 24 Jan 2017 | ASRF4050

Day 3 was my first working day of #ASRF4050 and trying to find the time to fit in 40 km was going to require some creative time management!

It was one of my favourite mobile apps that came to the rescue in the shape of Audible. I love to read but I also love spending time designing on my computer and it’s Audible that lets me indulge both of these passions at the same time. So I locked and loaded a whole range of audio books and headed off. As you can see from the image I have certainly been putting the hours in training in January!

Happy to report more sponsorship came in too. Again a huge thanks to all those supporting me in this endeavour, your generosity is greatly appreciated.

There was also much cheerleading provided by my friends online. One particular exchange proved to be most enlightening. Apparently, there’s a whole range of dedicated cycling attire that can be procured, who knew! I’m as keen on clothes shopping as other genres of shopping (i.e. Not at all keen). All shopping is an abhorrent waste of time … unless it’s for tech, obviously!

The range of cycling couture suggested included padded cycling shorts and items of a lycra nature. I am not at all convinced of the visual appeal of me in a pair of shorts, be they skintight Lycra or otherwise! So fear not that won’t be a sight foisted upon you any time soon 🙂 But thanks to Erica for the heads up, completely eye-opening I can assure you!

120 km done, 1880 km to go.

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