Elaine’s 2,000 km Challenge – Day 31 Update

by | 21 Feb 2017 | ASRF4050

I think I might have overdone it slightly! I was exhausted today before I started on my 40 km. By the time I’d finished it I decided a short snooze was in order but before I managed to sneak off for a crafty nap disaster struck!

Given the shed roof incident, the world wide shortage of foliage and several other narrowly avoided calamities during #ASRF4050 what could possibly constitute a disaster so early in the day?

We’ve run out of Lemon and Herb Rub!!

We have a fully stocked fridge ready to start the week but I repeat we’ve run out of Lemon and Herb Rub!! This is a DEFCON 1 level crisis!

For the blissfully uninitiated said Lemon and Herb Rub is the number one secret weapon in my war against bland salad foliage. Did I mention we’ve run out? This is a crisis of unimaginable magnitude 😉

What do we do with it? Well it’s perfect for adding to a chicken salad and giving fish an enviable flavour too.

Now the only local purveyor of said culinary delight is ALDI and they have been out of stock for the last four weeks. Even using our meagre stocks sparingly we are now at a critical level of needing new supplies imminently. We have scoured every ALDI within a 50 mile radius all to no avail. So I’m throwing it out to you all as a challenge. Where can we buy this rare delicacy? Preferably in bulk!

Seriously, if you do stumble across any of the lesser spotted Lemon and Herb Rub let me know and we’ll clean up!

1240 km done, 760 km to go.

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