Elaine’s 2,000 km Challenge – Day 33 Update

by | 23 Feb 2017 | ASRF4050

It’s a huge day at MacBites HQ today … we have VIP tickets for An Evening with Eric Cantona at The Lowry Theatre in Salford. Yes, the same Lowry Theatre that was witness to my Old Trafford yomp last week.

We’ve had the tickets since September last year and have been planning the great day for almost that long. Mike was working from home so we could leave as soon as he’d finished. Now, an early dart meant the pressure was on to complete today’s 40 km in record time.

Needless to say with such an incentive I was done by lunchtime!

By 4:30pm we were off.

Dinner came with us in the form of salad, grapes and cashew nuts. We weren’t risking the salad bar in The Harvester after Mike made the rookie mistake of reading reviews of the place on trip advisor! Pro Tip: Don’t do that if you ever plan to eat there 😉

So the plan was to consume said salad in the car before heading in to the theatre. A task that would have proved considerably easier without the vagaries of the automatic car park lighting system. With nothing moving in the vicinity, the car park level was plunged into unremitting darkness. This is not helpful on a dark cold night in Manchester especially when you have a forkful of foliage and are poised to consume it!

Somehow we managed to eat enough to sustain us for the evening ahead and then we were off to pursue our own version of Looking for Eric.

Eric Cantona at The Lowry Theatre February 2017

As with every other time we’ve met the great man he was a complete gentleman, charming and an absolute pleasure to chat with.

We also met some friends from Old Trafford, great to see you again Jo and Tim!

All too soon our evening was at an end and we were plunged into the complete nightmare that was the escape route from the car park. The queue to pay was manic, that was before we actually got back to the car and saw the queue of cars waiting to exit the place.

We took refuge in the car and waited for the mêlée to die down. There was no lack of company on social media to keep us occupied while we regaled tales of our evening with Eric.

1320 km done, 680 km to go.

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