Elaine’s 2,000 km Challenge – Day 39 Update

by | 1 Mar 2017 | ASRF4050

February 2017

I awoke to snow! Yay, I love snow but sadly it was replaced with rain in seconds. Great, just what we need, more freezing wind replete with lashing rain 👿

Today’s 40 km was completed to the dulcet tone of One Direction … don’t ask, just don’t ask!! Well if you insist on knowing how that happened I can assure you it wasn’t by choice. Spotify has taken to playing seemingly random songs once a saved playlist has finished playing. I haven’t found any option to turn off this “feature” yet so when my ultra cool, One Direction free, playlist finished it was Spotify that decided to assault my captive ears with its version of aural waterboarding!

My working day finished with a school governor meeting. A surprisingly sparse agenda belied the depth of each item so it was over 90 minutes later before we wrapped it up and I could head off back home to make culinary magic with a unexpected amount of asparagus and fish!

As today was the last day of the month I was bombarded with badges from the Apple Health App rewarding my diligence for completing my “rings” every day and marking another week of workouts.

1560 km done, 440 km to go.

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