Elaine’s 2,000 km Challenge – Day 41 Update

by | 3 Mar 2017 | ASRF4050

Never let it be said it’s dull when I leave the house. Today’s excitement? I only went out for 5 minutes and what was I greeted with in the car park? A car emblazoned with a rather interesting URL on the side!

Better Naked!

Yes, you read that right, it was BetterNaked.co.uk Now trust me, that’s something nobody wants to see!

But fear not, to save you potential embarrassment I visited the site for you. Rather than anything salacious it’s actually dedicated to diet and a healthy lifestyle. Since I’m currently consuming little more than foliage and biking 40 km a day I figure I don’t really need to contemplate either of those areas right now!

Anyway back to business and today’s 40 km was completed by lunchtime before my foray in to naked territory!

Spotify Autoplay

You will doubtless be pleased to hear that after over a week of it misbehaving I have finally beaten Spotify into submission with a virtual stick! Its impertinent insistence on playing songs of its own choosing is now history. Success! 😀

The miscreant turned out to be the “Autoplay” option in the preferences. Believe me when I say that option wasn’t there the last time I spent any time in the preferences. It turned out to be a new “optional” feature that they deemed it wise to enable by default. Big mistake Spotify. Don’t fiddle with my playlists when I’m mid biking!

1640 km done, 360 km to go.

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