Elaine’s 2,000 km Challenge – Day 6 Update

by | 27 Jan 2017 | ASRF4050

Thursday is video production day for me and this week it was a short how-to for Mac users looking to create a boot disk for macOS Sierra. I managed to get it recorded before attempting today's 40km as I figured the gasping for breath effect on the audio track wouldn't be universally appreciated!

One negative of biking 40 km each day is that my step count is dropping like a stone. I would say you can't have your cake and eat it but that would only set me off craving some gluten free carrot cake. If a cake has carrot in it it's healthy right? Good, I thought that was how it worked!

Talking of food, dinner was another culinary adventure. It involved a rather alarming range of vegetables, lightly grilled, and some lamb. I am extremely happy to report it was all most palatable! Could I possibly be getting the hang of this domestic thing? No, of course not!!

240 km done, 1760 km to go.

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