Elaine’s 2,000 km Challenge – Day 8 Update

by | 29 Jan 2017 | ASRF4050

I have no fondness for early mornings as regular readers will know! However, a three-line whip from the Bishop was in force today so I was dutifully up at stupid o’clock to attend a compulsory training session for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. You will doubtless be gratified to know that I now officially know everything I already knew before said training! The upside of which is that I have a certificate on the way to say so. The best part of the morning was chatting with friends before we got down to the serious business of the training.

All of this meant I was late to start my daily 40 km. Somehow the later I start the longer it seems to take. Serious incentivisation was called for! I found the perfect motivation by deciding not to eat until it was complete. Given that breakfast had been porridge, something I tolerate rather than enjoy, this did the trick and slightly faster than yesterday I soon had another 40 km done.

My treat was a bowl of fresh fruit!

320 km done, 1680 km to go.

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