The perfect compliment to an iDevice and your car radio has to be an FM Transmitter. These small devices allow the output from your iDevice to be broadcast over a very limited area and thus picked up and rebroadcast by your car radio.

I’ve had several variations of these over the years, all slightly different with plus points and negatives usually in equal measure.

Some of the problems I’d found with my previous transmitters were the speed at which the batteries expired, the fact they were so large and unwieldy and generally had very short cables.

This model addresses all my concerns. It’s very tiny, requires no external power as it’s powered from the device it’s connected to and since it connects directly to the power connector on the iOS device there is no requirement for any cables whatever.

FM Transmitter attached to iPhone 4

It is compatible with iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, including iPhone 4 and iPad.

It also ships with a feature rich remote control and a car charger that allows the iOS device to be charged during use. It will charge iPods, iPhones including version 4 and the iPod Touch. The only caveat is that the charger is unable to charge the iPad due to it’s higher power requirement.

I’m so happy with this little gem that I’ve made sure to acquire a spare to insure against the potential disaster that losing this would be 😀

Currently available for the ridiculously low price of only £5.99 from