As many of you will know my day job involves delivering hours of live online training every week. Most of this takes place via the fantastic Adobe Connect conferencing platform. Adobe Connect is an industry standard and feature rich but increasingly attendees are requesting more flexibility in the way they consume my output.

Well this week sees the adoption of a completely new delivery system for a large percentage of my online output – Dual Broadcasting.


Dual Broadcasting


Dual Broadcasting is a system I’ve implemented to provide the required flexibility for attendees to consume the content as they prefer, using virtually any Internet enabled device. From PCs and Macs to phones and tablets including iPad, Android and Surface. The big screen TV experience is also catered for with support for multiple streaming solutions.


I have been invited to participate in the YouTube Live Events System which means each session will be hosted live on YouTube and simultaneously broadcast as a Google Hangout on Air for maximum consumption options and flexibility.

All of this means there is a much better system for public interaction and comments hosted on YouTube and Google+.

What does this mean for you?

I will continue to use the Adobe Connect Platform and if you are happy using the familiar Adobe Connect interface then nothing will change at all.

However, the Dual Broadcasting system supplements this with a live video stream formatted for a whole range of devices. So if you’d prefer to watch via YouTube or Google+ on your mobile devices, desktop or TV you can now do so.

How will you know if an event is a Dual Broadcast?

Dual Broadcast Logo

If the session is to be Dual Broadcast the Dual Broadcast logo, on the right, will be displayed on the poster or registration page.

The first event to utilize the new Dual Broadcasting system is going live on Tuesday 19 November at 20:00 GMT and you are welcome to join me – simply go to from 19:45 and you’ll have access to the live stream.

Your choice of device for consuming my content is up to you! Hope to see you there.