iOS5 makes it easy to create an Emoji keyboard on your iOS devices. Creation requires a simple one time setup detailed here:

Access Your iPhone Settings


Access the iDevice settings. Obviously your screen will differ to mine!

General Settings


Access the General section of the settings.

Keyboard Settings


Access the Keyboard section of the General Settings.

International Keyboards


Drill down in to the International Keyboards section.

Add a New Keyboard


Tap the Add New Keyboard option to select a new keyboard.

Selecting Emoji


Select Emoji from the list of available keyboards.

Your New Emoji Keyboard


Your new Emoji keyboard will be added to the list of available keyboards.

Accessing Additional Keyboards


Once you have more than a single keyboard defined on your device an extra button will appear next to the number key on the left of the keyboard (1). Tapping this icon will cycle you through the keyboards available on your device.

NB. You may or may not see the microphone icon on your keyboard depending on your setup.

Using the Emoji Keyboard


Adding an Emoji icon is a simple matter of tapping the required icon in the keyboard area (1) and watching it appear in the editing window (2).

Emoji Categories


There are 5 categories of icons (1 through 5) and a sixth category of Recents (6) that is populated as you use various Emoji icons so your most recently used icons are always handy!

Extra Pages


In addition to categories of icons each category has a number of pages of additional icons indicated by the grey dots above the icons. These additional icons are accessed using standard left and right swipe gestures.

Return to Default Keyboard


To return to the original keyboard and/or cycle through additional keyboards tap the globe icon on the left of the screen.