On MacBites episode 93 I was discussing the perils of using multiple screens in Mavericks and it seems many folks don’t know it’s possible to return to the pre-Mavericks behaviour for multi-screen setups. It is relatively simple and here’s what you need to do if you prefer the old way!

Mavericks Multi Screen

The default for Mavericks is to display a Menu Bar on each and every monitor in a multi-screen setup.

System Preferences

Open the System Preferences and select Mission Control.

Mission Control

Within Mission Control there are a range of options but the one needed to return to pre-Mavericks multi-screen is "Displays have separate Spaces".

Displays Have Separate Spaces

Remove the tick from the "Displays have separate Spaces" option and note you will need to log out/log in or reboot for the change to take effect.

Pre-Mavericks Multi Screen

Once you have logged out and back in or rebooted your system will have a single menu in the style of OS X pre-Mavericks. you can control the placement of this single menu via the Display settings in the System Preferences.