So the great day has finally dawned … the iPad 2 is launching at 5pm.

I’ve been having trouble reaching a decision regarding which Smart Cover to get with mine so I put the matter out to a Twitter vote last night, the votes and comments kept me entertained for hours!

Interim results are as follows:

  • Grey: 1
  • Pale Blue: 1
  • Green: 2
  • Orange: 3
  • Pink: 3.5 (Someone was foolhardy enough to suggest it but not brave enough to stand by it!)
  • Cream: 3
  • Tan: 0
  • Black: 5
  • Navy Blue: 2
  • Red: 5

And a late entry was suggested by several: the beautiful looking wooden cover from Miniot

Please feel free to add your preference to the comments or @reply me on Twitter.

I’ll update the final results later. Enjoy your iPad 2 day.

… right so now all I need to do is decide black or white for the actual iPad 2 … Mmm best head back to Twitter I think 😉


By the time I had my Golden Ticket the final standings were as follows:

  • Grey: 1
  • Pale Blue: 2
  • Green: 5
  • Orange: 5
  • Pink: 3.5
  • Cream: 3
  • Tan: 0
  • Black: 7
  • Navy Blue: 2
  • Red: 8
  • Miniot: 3

Luckily by the time the ticket’s were being handed out I had also managed to make my mind up about the colour of the actual iPad, despite being tempted by the new white model I eventually opted for the black version. The full story of launch day is at iPad 2 Launch – What a Day!