Make a Mockup in Affinity Photo … yes just like Adobe Photoshop Smart Object but ONLY using Affinity apps!


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📌 What You’ll Learn

  • Access Thousands of Free Stock Images: take a standard free stock image and covert it into a repurposable smart document
  • Use a Pro Trick to Make Perfect Measurements: How to know the perfect size to make your embedded files
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Follow the expert walk-through, featuring a practical example with a downloadable mock-up link provided above
  • Real-World Application: See how to seamlessly integrate an iPad screenshot into a mock-up, adjust background colours, and tackle common issues like unlinked layers after saving

Ever wondered if you could enjoy the magic of Photoshop’s Smart Objects in Affinity Photo? Your wait is over! In this in-depth tutorial, I share how you can easily replicate Smart Object functionality using only Affinity Photo. Whether you’re experienced with Affinity Photo or just starting out, this video is your ultimate guide to mastering mockups and enhancing your design workflow without the need for Adobe Photoshop.

Starting with a simple free stock image from Pexels, I walk you through the process of creating a sophisticated mockup, perfect for showcasing your artwork or photography in a realistic setting. From utilizing Affinity Designer’s Measure Tool for perfect proportions to crafting a versatile placeholder, this tutorial covers it all. Learn how to place, edit, and apply effects to embedded files with ease, ensuring a non-destructive workflow that keeps your designs flexible and editable.

This video unlocks your ability to create advanced Smart Object-like features in your future projects. With practical tips and best practices, I ensure that your journey into Affinity Photo’s capabilities is both enjoyable and educational. Get ready to transform your images with everything you need for that professional output.

👩‍🏫 Stay tuned for future tutorials on creating Affinity-based mock-ups from scratch!

Thank you for watching, and see you in the next tutorial, where creativity meets efficiency! 🌈

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