This was a live session where I covered all you need to know to master the Export Persona in Affinity Publisher for macOS or Windows

The Export Persona in Affinity Design is nothing short of amazingly powerful … it’s my favourite feature of Affinity Designer!

How ever you need to export your Affinity Designer creations there will be an option to enable you to do just that easier than you can imagine in the Export Persona.

Be it different file formats, different sizes, automated naming of exports or even automatic exports the Affinity Designer Export Persona has you covered.

Looking for something specific? Check out the direct links to individual parts of the session:

00:00:00 – Start of Broadcast

00:01:21 – Start of Content

00:03:28 – The Basic Export Feature & Custom Export Configurations

00:10:02 – Introduction to the Export Persona Interface

00:13:28 – Using the Slices Panel in the Export Persona

00:18:45 – Export Options – What You Export

00:25:18 – Creating Slices for Export

00:31:02 – Creating Artboards for Export

00:35:20 – File Formats in the Export Persona

00:37:07 – Creating Additional Export Files Sizes in the Export Persona

00:43:21 – Creating Additional Export File Formats in the Export Persona

00:47:34 – Transferring Export Configurations Between Slices

00:53:56 – Using Variables in the Export Configurations

01:04:28 – Creating Multiple Artboards for Export

01:09:13 – Continuous Export

01:12:02 – Creating Keyboard Shortcuts to Access Affinity Designer Personas

01:15:02 – Building a Folder Structure in the Export Configuration

01:24:41 – Proportional Resizing

01:28:30 – Working in Inches and Exporting in Pixels

01:29:33 – Coming Up

01:36:42 – Q&A