How did you greet the New Year? Me? I committed to making a new course in January. I picked one of my favourite subjects with the new version of Scrivener and focussed on my favourite new feature; Styles.

New Scrivener users were often surprised that the system version 1 and 2 had for handling formatting didn’t include any way to automate the updating of styles in the way Word, and most other word processing applications, do. There were formatting presets which looked incredibly like styles on first appearance but the lack of a way to update the look of text already formatted with a preset was a killer blow to its functionality for me and many others.

The rationale was that since you were likely to take your carefully crafted words out of Scrivener using the compile feature, the formatting used in the Scrivener editor was irrelevant. In addition to that, being overly liberal with editor based formatting could actually hinder your ability to successfully compile.

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Despite all that I still hankered after a more traditional based styles system and with version 3 that’s what we have. Format presets have become styles and when you redefine a style all the previously formatted content gets updated to match the new definition.

My new course covers everything you need to know about using Styles in Scrivener, from understanding how Scrivener complements Styles, learning how to create Styles, managing Styles, to transferring Styles and more.

I’ve made the course available via both Udemy and Skillshare. Why two platforms? Well although there is a lot of similarity between the two platforms there are also some important differences.

Skillshare is a subscription based service. This means for a monthly or annual fee you gain access to all the courses in their catalogue, mine included.

Udemy is not subscription based. At Udemy you buy a course in a more traditional way building your own personalised library of content course by course.

Fortunately, I have secured a couple of great deals to share with you on both platforms.

For Skillshare I have a code that will give you two months of Premium access completely free when you create your account. While you will need to sign up for Premium you won’t be charged until month 3 and even then you can cancel at any time during your first two free months and not be charged anything at all.

If you want to take advantage of this Skillshare deal use this link:

For Udemy I have a discount code that reduces the price of the course from £34.99 to £10.99 … that’s 70% off if you were wondering!

All you need to do to get that deal is click here or enter the code OGLAUNCH1099 during your checkout process.

Want more details of what’s in the course? Of course you do! Here’s the promo video followed by the complete outline to give you all the details:

  • Welcome to the course!
    • Introduction
  • Understanding Styles
    • What is a Style?
    • Editing v. Compiling
    • Scrivener 3 Styles
    • Why Bother Using Styles?
    • How Scrivener Implements a Style System
    • Default Formatting
    • Styled v. Unstyled Text
    • Style Types
  • Working with Styles
    • Applying Styles
    • Creating New Styles
    • The Magic of the "Next Style"
    • Naming Styles
    • Editing and Updating Styles
    • Removing Styles
    • Navigating By Style
    • Styles Panel Menu
    • Transferring Styles
    • Style Library
  • BONUS: Touché
    • BONUS: Using the Touch Bar with Scrivener
  • Conclusion
    • Wrap Up

If you’re a new Scrivener user or upgrading from a previous version of Scrivener to Scrivener 3 and you're curious about how Styles could work in your workflow check the course out. It is the most comprehensive course you’ll find covering Scrivener 3 Styles.

I hope you find the course useful and be sure to let me know what you think!