Taming Technology with Training

I’m Elaine Giles and I’m a technology consultant based in Manchester, UK.

My passion is technology and I love to share that passion via live training sessions, video demos and written tutorials. I have a YouTube Channel with many training videos for design applications including Photoshop, Pixelmator, Acorn, Sketch and many more together with videos demonstrating the Microsoft Office applications, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
One of my passions is designing slides and many of those I have designed and presented can be seen on my SlideShare page.

If I can help you please get in touch.

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Tales from the IT Frontline

Opening Your Local Dropbox Folder from Alfred

This is a quick tutorial showing how to implement an Alfred command to open your local Dropbox folder. In fact with a few small changes it can be adapted to open any folder. Using the Alfred Command Once implemented you will able to use a keyword to open you local...

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ScreenFlow 6 Review

ScreenFlow 6 Review ScreenFlow is one of those rare easy-to-use yet professional level must-have apps for the Mac Platform. It is a screencasting studio allowing users to record, edit and share professional screencasts. Owned by Telestream since August 2008,...

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How to Create an OS X Installation Disk: Important Update

Every time Apple release new major versions of OS X I create a video showing you how to create a boot disk from the downloaded installer. Most of the time once you've checked the boot disk works you can safely leave it in a drawer until the fateful day you need...

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How to Create an OS X Installation Disk

If you need to make an installation boot disk for OS X you're in the right place! Whatever your feelings are about the "download only" delivery method Apple imposes for its operating system updates you would be well advised to ensure you have a bootable version of...

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A Week Without My iPhone

Today I'd thought I'd torment myself all over again by sharing something that happened a few weeks ago. You'll be glad to hear that I've just about recovered from the horror of the entire ordeal! As usual as Lent approached there was much talk of what...

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10 Years on a Mac

It’s hard for me to believe but it was 10 years ago today that I was up alarmingly early to travel across the Pennines to collect my first Apple Mac.

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A Very Drab Blab Gab … How Not to Use Blab

Adobe have run public demonstration sessions of their applications for many years. You may call them webinars although the "terminology trend police" may frown on that term these days! Recently they delivered a live session demonstrating the new features of the latest...

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iPad Pro 9.7″ Cases

After the excitement of the iPad 2 case back in 2011 I've never bothered with an original Apple case or cover for my iPads. My new iPad Pro 9.7" is no exception. Unusually for me I bought this latest model in store on the day of release without any kind of...

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