Taming Technology with Training

I’m Elaine Giles and I’m a technology consultant based in Manchester, UK.

My passion is technology and I love to share that passion via live training sessions, video demos and written tutorials. I have a YouTube Channel with many training videos for design applications including Photoshop, Pixelmator, Acorn, Sketch and many more together with videos demonstrating the Microsoft Office applications, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
One of my passions is designing slides and many of those I have designed and presented can be seen on my SlideShare page.

If I can help you please get in touch.

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Tales from the IT Frontline

How to Create an OS X El Capitan Installation Boot Disk

Whatever your feelings are about the "download only" delivery method Apple imposes for its operating system updates you would be well advised to ensure you have a bootable version of the OS for future emergency use. Especially important as the installer automatically...

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Video: Automating Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom automation features make Lightroom a complete powerhouse of image processing that can save you time, frustration and tedium freeing you up to revel in your creativity.

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Custom Shapes in Keynote

Apple’s Keynote has a range of great preset shapes, but not an exhaustive collection. This is why you’ll appreciate the ability to create a custom shape tailored-made for your presentation. Keynote has a range of tools geared to helping you create custom shapes.

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Secrets of the OS X Color Picker

The OS X Color Picker is a system wide tool for working with colors in your apps. While simple to use it is also feature rich with a range of hidden options that will save you time and effort when it comes to working with colors in all your Mac apps.

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Video: Halftone in Pixelmator

Learn how to use Pixelmator to make cartoons, comics and much more using the Halftone feature. Create your own comic strip, design a cartoon or add pizzazz to your designs quickly and easily.

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