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I’m Elaine Giles and I’m a technology consultant based in Manchester, UK.

My passion is technology and I love to share that passion via live training sessions, video demos and written tutorials. I have a YouTube Channel with many training videos for design applications including Photoshop, Pixelmator, Acorn, Sketch and many more together with videos demonstrating the Microsoft Office applications, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
One of my passions is designing slides and many of those I have designed and presented can be seen on my SlideShare page.

If I can help you please get in touch.

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Tales from the IT Frontline

How to Create an OS X Yosemite Installation Boot Disk

Whatever your feelings are about the "download only" delivery method Apple imposes for its operating system updates you would be well advised to ensure you have a bootable version of the OS for future emergency use. Especially important as the installer...

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Keynote on Three monitors

Keynote sports very a very different interface when you have two external monitors attached. Here’s what I see with my triple monitor setup.

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How to Disable the Second Menu Bar in OS X Mavericks

On MacBites episode 93 I was discussing the perils of using multiple screens in Mavericks and it seems many folks don't know it's possible to return to the pre-Mavericks behaviour for multi-screen setups. It is relatively simple and here's what you need to do if you...

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How to Use Frame Capture in Skitch v.1

Version 1 of Skitch was awesome, it had every type of screen capture I could ever imagine needing. Sadly version 2 lost a lot of the features that made it the complete deal for my screen capture needs. It is for this reason that I keep the final version of Skitch v.1...

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Adobe Lightroom 101 Free Training

Free training for Adobe Lightroom. Learn how to leverage the power of Adobe Lightroom to manage all your digital photography needs. Join me and get up to speed with Adobe Lightroom today.

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