Master the Art of Page Numbering in Affinity Publisher


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Section Superpowers
Section Superpowers

In this video we’re deep diving into the world of page numbering in Affinity Publisher. Whether you’re finalizing a masterpiece or working on a project, you’ll discover some tips and tricks that are sure to elevate your layout skills. 🎨

What You’ll Learn

  1. Text Style Mastery: Craft the perfect style for your page numbers, adding that professional touch to your work
  2. Section Superpowers: Unleash the full potential of sections in page numbering, giving you unparalleled control and flexibility
  3. Mastering Nested Master Pages: Explore the wonders of nested Master Pages for dynamic and efficient formatting

From Basics to Advanced

  • Efficient page numbering techniques using Master Pages
  • How to handle issues and resolve them with savvy section management
  • Crafting and applying styles for a seamless look
  • The magic of nested Master Pages to simplify your design process

Whether you’re an experienced Affinity Publisher user or just starting out, this tutorial is packed with insights and practical advice that will make your Affinity Publisher projects stand out. Don’t miss out on these valuable page numbering secrets!