Batch image processing? Think it’s hard to get excited about batch image processing? Think again! Thanks to Retrobatch the super efficient and brand new app from Flying Meat you’ll soon be motoring through thousands of images doing things automatically that would have taken hours before Retrobatch arrived.

Join the session live on 16 July 2018 at 19:45 UK time (11:45 PT/14:45 ET) for a rundown of all Retrobatch can do for you … it’s a lot and it’s like magic!

You can watch the live session on YouTube or right here at this page, the video will live stream below as soon as it starts on 16 July.

Summer School

This session is only the start! It’s going to be a blast this summer sharing a whole range of Mac and iOS related tips, tricks and live streaming sessions in our Summer School.

Hope you can join in for some fun filled sessions.