Edit faster in Camtasia with Rolling Edits!

After using ScreenFlow intensively for 12 years I switched to Camtasia. The first video I edited in Camtasia I needed a Rolling Edit and it wasn’t there which lead to me finding a way to replicate the feature.

Luckily Camtasia’s Magnetic Timeline feature added in Camtasia 2020 and used in tandem with a transparent placeholder means Camtasia users can now enjoy the benefits of Rolling Edits too.

Fast Editing: If you’re up for saving time in your editing this is a must know trick!

As promised below is the link to all the downloads mentioned in the video. The contents include:

  • Demo Camtasia file
  • PowerPoint file with demo slides
  • Keynote file with demo slides
  • Demo slides in image format
  • Transparent Placeholder Camtasia Library item

🔻 Download the Resources

Hope you enjoy the video and find it useful.

Check out the final edit of the Overview of GTD video used in the demo