As promised here are my slides from the session I delivered recently at the Virtual Learning Show 2013 titled “Virtual Training – From Desktop to Device”.

The outline of my session was as follows:

If you think webinars are the epitome of a desk-bound sport – think again!

The major web conferencing services all provide feature rich Apps for mobile use. You can be forgiven for thinking these are limited to providing a second class way of just attending a session. The truth is very different – these Apps provide a feature rich experience including access to chat, slides, polls, audio, video and whiteboards.

In this session, Elaine will cover:

  • Present from an iPad?
  • Monitor your audience with just an iPhone?
  • Deliver an entire webinar via your Android device?

All is possible! In this session you’ll find out just how far virtual training has come in recent times.

I explained where we’re at with mobile in learning and then moved on and demonstrated two of the free applications for attending online learning sessions.

The first app was the WebEx Meeting Client. I demonstrated the support for text chat, desktop sharing, audio and video with a virtual tour of Mike Thomas’ office. A big thanks to him for assisting with the demonstrations.

I then moved on to the Adobe Connect App. Although I was presenting the main session via Connect I was also running a second Connect room and was able to invite all the participants from the main session to log in to the second room if they wished.

In addition to the standard features of text chat and audio the Connect app also supports whiteboards for both viewing and editing and polls.

There was some amazingly positive feedback following the session (for which I thank you all) together with several requests for details as to how I pulled off the technical demands of the session. Material for another post!