As a trainer a large percentage of my time is spent preparing for courses rather than actually delivering them.

Those without experience in a training environment are often amazed to discover that preparing material for a single hour of delivery often takes in excess of 20 hours. A figure which means that anything one can do to make the process more interesting is to be welcomed.

Enter Adobe Photoshop Touch!

Having scheduled a 70 minute webinar for MacBites Learning on that App I needed to prepare a range of demonstrations that would effectively showcase the features of the App.

It’s always a good plan to entertain as well as educate so ramping up the fun means ramping up the retention. One great way to do this is to make the examples fun and interesting, hence the title of this post. I have indeed spent a great day today working on some imaginative examples for the webinar next week.

So do join me at the webinar if you want to see what a spooky graveyard, a MacBites Learning tattoo and George Clooney have in common!