Master Trifold Brochure Design in Affinity Publisher: From Creation to Mockup!


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🌟 Unleash Your Creativity with Affinity Publisher! 🌟

Join me in this step-by-step guide where we dive into the art of designing a professional trifold brochure using Affinity Publisher. Perfect for beginners and more experienced designers alike!

📌 What You’ll Learn:

  1. Brochure Basics: Discover the fundamentals of trifold brochure design, including layout planning and design principles.
  2. Affinity Publisher Tutorial: Get hands-on with Affinity Publisher! We’ll cover every tool and feature you need to create an eye-catching brochure.
  3. Export Like a Pro: For print and for digital distribution
  4. Create individual images: Learn how to seamlessly export your brochure as individual images for various uses.
  5. Mockup Magic: Transform your images into a stunning, realistic mockup, enhancing the visual appeal of your work.

🔍 Why Watch?

  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Clear, easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Practical Tips & Tricks: Elevate your design skills with insider knowledge.
  • Boost Your Portfolio: Create a brochure design that stands out.
  • Versatile Skills: Apply these techniques to a wide range of projects.

Whether you’re a graphic design enthusiast, a small business owner looking to create your own marketing materials, or a student honing your design skills, this video is tailored just for you!