As many readers will know I love Keynote and it has been my primary presentation application since I switched to the Mac back in 2006. Sadly the new version is somewhat lacking when it comes to the presenter view. Whereas in the previous version the entire view was customizable, there is nothing customizable in the new version.

For someone who uses the application in a way Apple clearly has not considered, this has a huge negative impact on my ability to effectively use the application. For that reason I decided it was time to seriously investigate what PowerPoint 2011 for Mac has to offer when it comes to using presenter view. I was pleasantly surprised. Have a watch of the video and maybe you will be too.

If you’re wondering how I use the presenter view and why it is in a way Apple have not considered let me enlighten you! I present slides in numerous webinars each week and since I am using a dual monitor setup I really don’t need to have the current slide displayed in the presenter view as it’s already visible on the primary display. My customized configuration turned off the display of the current slide and moved the other elements to match my delivery circumstances.

Losing the ability to make these changes was one of the biggest losses for me in the new version of Keynote.