I’ll be presenting at the Virtual Learning Show on the opening day on 20 June 2013. My session is titled: Virtual Training – From Desktop to Device.

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The major web conferencing services all provide feature rich Apps for mobile use. You can be forgiven for thinking these are limited to providing a second class way of just attending a session. The truth is very different – these Apps provide a feature rich experience including access to chat, slides, polls, audio, video and whiteboards. I’ll be demonstrating several of the best Apps.

I’m not stopping there though as I’ll also be providing a range of alternative uses for devices in online learning from monitoring and managing the entire online experience to tracking attendees and creating a complete studio setup.

The Virtual Learning Show is providing 9 sessions over two days, 20 June and 27 June 2013. With world class speakers and experts in online learning it’s an invaluable opportunity to learn from the very best and network with both the speakers and the other attendees.

Other speakers include Colin Steed, Phil Green, Karen Hyder, Cindy Huggett, Matt Turner, Claire Line, Julie Dirksen and Craig Taylor chairing a panel discussion addressing emerging technologies.

This is an event you won’t want to miss. I hope you’ll join me and I look forward to seeing you there.

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