Learn all you need to know to effectively work with images in Affinity Publisher for macOS or Windows

Images are one of the cornerstones of effective document design in Affinity Publisher.

In this session you’ll learn how to harness the power of working with images in a practical way as I guide you through the various image related concepts with plenty of easy to understand examples.

Looking for something specific? Check out the direct links to individual parts of the session:

00:00:00 Welcome

00:00:50 Start

00:08:40 Start of Demo

00:10:29 Adding Images with Drag and Drop

00:12:40 Using the Place Image Tool & File – Place from the menu

00:14:15 Using Stock Images inside Affinity Publisher

00:17:31 Image Placeholder Tool

00:27:37 Masking Images

00:29:45 Converting Shapes to Image Frame

00:31:00 Creating Image Frames with the Pen Tool

00:33:30 Place Images Panel

00:39:20 Placed Image Properties

00:43:00 Working with PDFs

00:52:55 Image Placement Policy

01:07:55 StudioLink

01:13:10 Adding Images Frames to Master Pages

01:14:14 Formatting Image Frames

01:20:40 Adding Links to Images

01:21:52 Export to PDF with Live Links

01:28:48 Recap

01:33:35 Q&A