Write about what you know, they said. Oh dear! Be careful what you advise 🤣

I’m a geek, have been for years, so very long before it was trendy. Back when you if you wanted to use a computer you had to build it yourself. And yes, I really did do that! 🤯

I could write about that. Would anybody be interested? Well, not necessarily in the geekery of it all but what about getting productive with your tech? 

Your tech could be your secret passion, stuff you absolutely love, or tools you tolerate to get a job done. 

I have good news! 

Either way, love it or loath it, you can take working with your tech to new levels if you learn a few tricks. So that’s what I’ll be sharing over the next 30 days: Getting productive with your tech. 

Be it apps, devices, dirty hacks or a combination of all three I’m there …. with bells on as they say 🔔 Prepare for an incoming 30 days of essays packed with bitesized “Pearls of Productivity”

Are you …

  • A Content Creator?
  • A Course Creator?
  • A Podcaster?
  • A YouTuber?
  • A Creative?

I’m all of those things and this series will be a behind the scenes sneak peek of how I make all the magic happen together with how I get it all done and still have time to play

What apps do you use? What pain points do you have? What tips can you share? Do share and we can get the conversation going 👍

See you tomorrow!